Thursday, 22 March 2012

Lent Challenge Week 4

Our lemon tree bears one lemon
in mottled green,
-a year's growth-
                              but Time perfects!                14.3.12

Church Cleaning
Sewn hassocks tell stories:
often done in memory
                                 always in love.                 15.3.12

Wind through tissue paper,
responses to a picture,
                                 Ideas take root.                  16.3.12  

After the funeral
Stark against the hillside
stands a white deer amongst brown,
                               Spirits lift to joy.                   16.3.12

Millennium window Great Malvern
Dawn touches sunset
Bringing fire to stained glass art,
                        Time, in a moment.               17.3.

"Where you go, I shall go"                      
Love and trust walk together,
                          Faith truly blessed.               18. 3              

We basked in the sun
the red admiral and me
                       sharing our delight.                 19.3.

Weigh up the distance
Balance pain against the Gain:
                 a fractured glass choice.           20.3

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