Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Lent Challenge Week 6

Dawn touches the porch
before the huge East End Glass
                     The least shall be first.         28.3

60 has gained in status:
‘Now we are 6’ has been reborn
as ‘Now we are‘60’ and appeals
 to present seekers for aged
Christopher Robins. Before
Our ‘strapped for cash’ existence
60 was the age of recline
Goodbye work, welcome other things....
It’s a transitional age today:
Forgetfulness and prime in union.
To ancient Babylonians,
60 was beautiful
Perfectly divisible
By a raft of numbers;
Before fractions, this meant much.
Mathematicians, they yearned
For measures for shape:
A circle’s degrees became 360:
The joy of symmetry
6o exalted by times 6,
Arbitrary, yet chosen.
The excitement of trapping form,
Cake division simplified.
It adds mystique
                To a benchmark age.               29.3

Pushed in the scanner's mouth
The scanner growled and sang its divining
                  and made magnet pictures.               30.3

An ostrich on pro-sac
panic petrol buying
              Where have we gone wrong?         31.3

Palm Sunday
Cheers turned to jeers
then "Crucify"
in six days;
Palms to sticks
Love to stone.

After the Operation
"Don't hobble, don't limp"
Beget smoothness:
                  We take walking for granted.         2.4

Hands which blessed others
were nailed to a cross
             to bring us deeper blessing.         3.4

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