Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Lent Challenge week 2

Wed  March 12
Woods in fog look good
Trunks recede in shades of grey
Suggesting mystery.
Thursday March 13th
 Space can hold promise
A vacuum of potential
Or a fearful pit.
Friday March 14th
 Prism light shimmers
Scattering rainbow rays;
Truth can splinter too.
Sat March 15th
 Primrose edge the paths
The Angel gives pilgrims rest,
We journey in trust.
Note: the Group of pilgrims who came to known as the Pilgrim Fathers 
travelled together to Southampton where they were to catch the boat 
The Mayflower. They gave the name of The Angel to hostelries which
gave them shelter for the night, the day after they had stayed there..
Many publicans then and subsequently, honoured the 'name' given 
to the inn by the pilgrims.
Sun March 16th
 Three church butterflies,
One, striving to be free, two
Needing to know more.
Mon March 17th
 Askew and broken
The gate's home now to insects
Age brings new purpose.

Tuesday March 18th

A dark corridor lined with dark pictures,
Portraits which look down with bland, pompous,
Or cliché expressions of nothingness.
Art by the yard, relations relegated
To shadows: the place and poor artistry
Condemning them to obscurity.
They mattered once. 
Now, their dismal faces stand for untruth.

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