Tuesday 25 December 2007


We went to Bethlehem for the first time this year just after Easter. Nothing had really prepared us for the shocking reality of the Wall. 20 foot high uglines and symbolic of so much more.
We had to go through a number of road blocks to get into the little town and then we found it deserted.
The Church of the Holy Nativity was beautiful but division echoed around the whole visit. Coming away I wrote the following haiku with the only difference being in the last word. Then I wrote: Shame.

Oh striken town of Bethlehem
How divided we see thee lie:

Friday 21 December 2007


Old friends and new charmers
in glossy hues,
lure and shackle the book worm.

Wednesday 19 December 2007

Stained glass haiku

A purple angel
comes to stay;
she smiles,
I smile,
The sun stirs.... and grins.

Sunday 16 December 2007


What were they thinking?
Those Loved faces in youth's dress;
The truth is time's trick.

Tuesday 11 December 2007

Guantanamo cup poetry

The struggle to write
make nails into pens;
plastic cups, the paper
of creation.


Each twig frost defined;
A cold transcient beauty
Awesome while it lasts.

Saturday 8 December 2007


Rosebuds in December;
Brave hope in winter winds -
A symbol perhaps!

Brave Living

Life confined,
Moves painful,
Muddled sometimes
But wondrous smiles of welcome.