Thursday 29 March 2012

Lent Challenge - week 5

M1 Junction 9
Beneath the wheat lies
our past: a pagan temple,
                  Shapes seen from the air.          21.3

Tilt the earth more and
the Sahara's green,
               twist a knee and freedom's lost.     22.3

Some words damage us
churn like leaves in a whirlpool
                        killing confidence.                 23.3

Great poster, smart words
A call to passing eyes:
                     "Write more poetry".            24.3

Dew lights each thread,
the death trap sparkling its lure
                         greedy for victims.                        25.3

Walls divide people,
paper ripped in two
                    Forgiveness the new mountain.            26.3

May flowering in March
Hosepipe bans in April but
                       The sun makes us smile.                 27.3

Thursday 22 March 2012

Lent Challenge Week 4

Our lemon tree bears one lemon
in mottled green,
-a year's growth-
                              but Time perfects!                14.3.12

Church Cleaning
Sewn hassocks tell stories:
often done in memory
                                 always in love.                 15.3.12

Wind through tissue paper,
responses to a picture,
                                 Ideas take root.                  16.3.12  

After the funeral
Stark against the hillside
stands a white deer amongst brown,
                               Spirits lift to joy.                   16.3.12

Millennium window Great Malvern
Dawn touches sunset
Bringing fire to stained glass art,
                        Time, in a moment.               17.3.

"Where you go, I shall go"                      
Love and trust walk together,
                          Faith truly blessed.               18. 3              

We basked in the sun
the red admiral and me
                       sharing our delight.                 19.3.

Weigh up the distance
Balance pain against the Gain:
                 a fractured glass choice.           20.3

Wednesday 14 March 2012

Lent Challenge - week 3

Spurs versus Stevenage
Expected to lose,
cheered to win, to defy fate
                            and give us all hope.                7.3.12

Journey to work
Pink against the brown
bald, stark tree-lines are softened:
                          blossom has arrived.               8.3.12

Crouched in fear, victims
cringe with each bombardment as
                           Syria self -harms.                 9.3.12

Figures in a field,
caressing it like lovers,
                    detecting the past.              0.3

Pause a moment
Underground posters
ask for ‘acts of kindness’.
Are they so rare that
we have to log them?
Or, is it to make us stop
-          reconsider –
     ask ourselves
When did I last act kindly?
In our beleaguered world,
where price is all,
kind acts cost nothing
but thought and acting upon it.
Perhaps the posters seek celebration
                   of a more selfless world.                11.3      

Dark and fraught with stuff
handbags are pits, deceiving
                        hands groping for keys.               12.3

Standing in a Square
full of squares, in black and white
                     I move like a knight.                     13.3


Thursday 8 March 2012

Lent Challenge Week 2

Mixed Motives
Lurking in shadows
lie 'not so good' reasons for
                           apparent selflessness.             28.2.12

Muscles tense, shock,stare,
confirm: my blunder is stark
                          -tummy knots tighten.              29.2.12  

Vapour trails scar the sky
Blue tits dart to and fro,
                          both have purpose.                1.3.12

Skeins of mist strata
the dawn landscape of Malvern
                      and - problem solving.             2.3.12

Encounter near Royston
Twice a day he walked
the green lane; between, in danger
                          he cleaned metals.                3.3.12

Angela R.I.P.
Snow on a sunflower,
Disabled, but no self pity,
                     She enhanced life.           4.3.12

The Dictator's journey
- for the people
                   Stay, at all costs.         5.3.12

"No nectar", the bee moans
only barren blooms
              of futile greenhouse stock.   6.3.12

Thursday 1 March 2012

Lent Challenge

This year I have given myself the challenge of writing a haiku everyday and putting the results on my blog. The results I suspect will be varied in quality especially as the weeks pass!
Week 1 
Loved objects, playthings,
distractions, edge my desk and
                            prick memory wells.                  22.2.12

Take on or give up?
Practice self discipline and
                                touch the desert.                     23.2.12

Light skies silhouette
God's spires, giving permanence
                                To our rushing world                   24.2.12

Malvern Priory
Low down and sheltered
lies the towered ship of souls,
                                        drawing climbers' eyes.                           25.2.12

Anne Knotsford
She's knelt in prayer now
for centuries: is her faith
                                    a true memorial?                        26.2.12

Demure snowdrop heads
droop, crocus smile to the sun
                                 Daffodils fire forth.                        27.2.12

Mixed motives
Lurking in shadows
lie 'not so good' reasons for 
                                 apparent selflessness.                     28.2.12