Thursday 1 March 2012

Lent Challenge

This year I have given myself the challenge of writing a haiku everyday and putting the results on my blog. The results I suspect will be varied in quality especially as the weeks pass!
Week 1 
Loved objects, playthings,
distractions, edge my desk and
                            prick memory wells.                  22.2.12

Take on or give up?
Practice self discipline and
                                touch the desert.                     23.2.12

Light skies silhouette
God's spires, giving permanence
                                To our rushing world                   24.2.12

Malvern Priory
Low down and sheltered
lies the towered ship of souls,
                                        drawing climbers' eyes.                           25.2.12

Anne Knotsford
She's knelt in prayer now
for centuries: is her faith
                                    a true memorial?                        26.2.12

Demure snowdrop heads
droop, crocus smile to the sun
                                 Daffodils fire forth.                        27.2.12

Mixed motives
Lurking in shadows
lie 'not so good' reasons for 
                                 apparent selflessness.                     28.2.12

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