Thursday 29 March 2012

Lent Challenge - week 5

M1 Junction 9
Beneath the wheat lies
our past: a pagan temple,
                  Shapes seen from the air.          21.3

Tilt the earth more and
the Sahara's green,
               twist a knee and freedom's lost.     22.3

Some words damage us
churn like leaves in a whirlpool
                        killing confidence.                 23.3

Great poster, smart words
A call to passing eyes:
                     "Write more poetry".            24.3

Dew lights each thread,
the death trap sparkling its lure
                         greedy for victims.                        25.3

Walls divide people,
paper ripped in two
                    Forgiveness the new mountain.            26.3

May flowering in March
Hosepipe bans in April but
                       The sun makes us smile.                 27.3

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