Tuesday 24 February 2015

Lent Challenge Week one

Wednesday Feb 18th
St Albans
The market buzzes
Haggling and deals vie where once
Swords clashed in battle.

Thursday Feb 19th
Shrug, turn away, leave;
Is saying thank you so hard?
Frost instead of warmth.

Friday Feb 20th
Old routes, known buildings
Nostalgia has a hard edge
Struggle balances joy.

Sat Feb 21st

"Your phone's ringing"
Everything stops
Awareness, all,
It's demand must be met,
Sharing dissolves.
The ball and chain of today
Are phones not books.

Sun Feb 22nd
Snowdrop heads laid low
Flattened by ice particles,
They too await sun.

Monday Feb 23rd
Tourist or pilgrim?
Walk, trek, seek adventure and
Find soul peace perhaps.

Tuesday Feb 24th
On Looking at a  British Library Treasure
The curls and slopes of handwriting
Are a fading, near lost, art form,
We write if necessary,
Type for preference. Letters are rare.
Jane Eyre, the original
In Charlotte’s neat hand is a wonder,
Words flowed and odd amendments
Were elegantly bracketed
Neatness counted in the only copy.
The creator and the created fuse
As we ponder the truth behind the hand,
A crossing out, a clue to when
Words did not capture intention.

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