Wednesday 18 March 2015

Lent Challenge Week 4

Wednesday March 11th
A butterfly moves,
Eyes and hearts
lift in wonder
beyond the funeral.

Thursday March 12th
Four years of war,
Sides unclear, reasons muddled
Purpose lost in rubble.

Friday March 13th
Working together
For each other and their queen
Leaf cutter ants thrive.

Saturday March 14th

Across centuries
A Chinese horse laughs
We smile too - a mood is caught.

Sunday March 15th
I woke up listening:
The plaintive cries of lambs,
Sounding like desperate babies
muddled my responses;
the deep notes of the cuckoo
Sounded after breakfast,
Distant but the first of Spring.
Wind blustered around our walking
With accompanying birdsong
Indecipherable but lyrical
Except for squawking pheasants;
A natural soundscape,
Shattered by a gunshot.

Monday March 16th
Gradations of grey
Swallow up views
Like brain murk
Which hides a choice name.

Tuesday March 17th

Slowly, with great care
The stained glass is slotted back

Christ replaces trees.

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