Thursday 3 December 2015

Dec 2nd 2015 Evening

December 2nd 2015 Evening.
Barbican Theatre, London: Shakespeare’s ‘Henry 5th
Parliament, London:  Should Britain use Air strikes against Syria?

   On stage, Henry queries, ‘Is it legal to go to war’?
   In Parliament, Cameron urges airstrikes on Syria:
War by another name, a fight from distant skies.
Henry leads his men, encouraging, determined,
Fighting for land, for victory over old enemies.
It’s defence of France today, to support victims
Of honourless slaughter, bombed by fanatics
   With aims buried in bloodlust, nurtured far away.
The Chorus begs us to use ‘imaginary forces’
     To see the ‘vasty fields of France’ on a bare stage;
      We do, but with ravaged lands, refugees, evil, also.
    Henry’s past fight entwines with current choices,
The safety of the play, of known triumph
 Lets us wonder at past decisions, ponder glory,
But all the while, irony stalks our thoughts -

To what will air strikes lead?

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