Monday 13 March 2017

Lent Week 2

Steps make good seats to
text, read or dream; only
the casual passer by 
might stop and note the
glorious clash of Time:
An ancient Moorish doorway
Becomes a frame for the
Modern mundane time of peace.

Live Feed from the National Theatre

The theatre's a buzz;
We are watching them,
The audience thrill in waiting,
In the cinema, we're quieter
Still excited, as the lights dim.
All rustle to stillness
Ready to share the magic:
Borrowing emotions 
as if they were ours,
Theatre and cinema in unison.
Enthralled they laugh, we don't,
Worse, they watch, we don't
As transmission brakes. A
Blank screen breaks the spell,
We sigh, the film resumes shortly,
We strive to re- find enchantment. 

March 10th

Petals in the mud,
Owls seen in headlights,
Ideas breaking through muddle.

March 11th
Be a living stone
Bring life where there is deadness
Help the starved to eat.

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