Friday 3 April 2015

Final week of Lent Challenge

Wednesday April 1st
Art lies in a box
Ignored - then
someone looks.....
Purpose is restored.

Maundy Thursday Day
Nobility lost,
The old oak lies rotting,
Its fibres breaking down,
Bark and branches gone,
Its history in cross section
Exposed. A home and banquet
Now for insects, its new life
Is humbler but still relevant.

Maundy Thursday evening
I looked up and saw the angel,
Normally a faded blur in a small alcove,
Vibrant tonight, shadows and light
Fused in making the ascetic
head seem fresh.
As if this ancient painted figure
Was given life while our
feet were washed
And blessed us in our uncertainty.

Good Friday
Caught in a hollow of the rocks
A stone is harried and pounded
Tide by tide. With no escape,
The hard walls of the niche
Are its prison. Pain, like the stone
Worries its way round and round,
A gyre of anguish, bent on repetition.
Nailed, mocked, betrayed,
Love trampled in the dust,
Jesus bore his pain, for us,
For a world which cares little,
But he offers the chance
that 'our  stone' could.....
        ....... find a way out.

Easter Saturday
The Day after the Crucifixion

Three empty crosses stand
Empty now, the agony is
Yesterday's memory. The sign
'King of Jews' lies abandoned
Half hidden in a muddle of rocks.
What does it all mean:
The testimony, miracles, promises,
Message of love one another, now?
Jesus is dead, his body is buried.
Our eyes will not meet his,
We will not hear him speak,
Touch him, Again.
It is a death, an end.
How we will miss him.

Two days after the Crucifixion
I was wrong, horribly wrong
My faith wavered and I doubted.
I went to the tomb this morning
And the stone was rolled aside -
Jesus had gone.
He told us to trust,
that he would rise again,
And I didn't see how it could be done.
All that he promised has come true,
It is not the end.
I don't know what will happen now,
Where to start to tell what we've seen
But my fragile faith has learnt a bit:
I have to trust more.

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