Wednesday 1 April 2015

Lent Challenge Week 6

Wednesday March 25th

Quails eat spiders
Stopping killer webs
Saving butterflies...
Who drink!

Thursday March 26th
The 60s pulsed with
'Twisting and shouting'
Now it's used for keeping fit.

Friday March 27th

Making someone happy,
Kindness freely given,
Are roses without thorns.

Saturday March 28th
Time has us in thrall,
It plays us like an oboe
But often goes too fast.

Sunday March 29th
From a clear sky comes a storm,
A telephone is answered,
A pilot makes a fatal decision,
Jesus is kissed by Judas.
Tranquillity is shattered and
Our lives are twisted to fall
In a different pattern.
Faith gives us an anchor point.

Monday March 30th
Crossing the desert,
Sharing a camel
Would mean learning

Tuesday March 31st

Last night wind waged war
Roaring its destruction
Daffodils lie snapped.

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