Sunday 13 April 2014

Lent Challenge Week 5

Tuesday April 2nd
Flowers bloom, fade, die,
Pavement art brings joy, then goes,
We must heed the now.

           Thursday April 3rd          
A road called 'Struggle',
Roman armies pounded it
Their ghosts walk with us.
(in the Lake District)

Friday April 4th
Hills tucked up in cloud,
Trees fade into the gloom, then
Sunlight stabs a field.

Saturday/Sunday April 5th &6th


It was a cold posting on
The furthest edge of the Empire.
It lives, like a guilt, in my mind.
I look now at my vineyards,
The turquoise Adriatic, my villa,
Relax with my veteran rewards,
I should be peace,
And yet my spirit keeps returning.

We marched upwards,
From a derelict, deserted shore
Towards the cloud, the high place
Buried in the mountains: Hardknott.
We were a seasoned cohort
Marching second nature,
But the cold, the endless rain
Numbed all desires but to stop.
The camp was lonely,
Perched in the damp, in the shadow
Of the peaks.

Our life lay in stone. Granite.
Cutting, carrying, laying, the road
To make a crossing for our legions
To guard this hideous outpost of Rome.
And yet, we were a body of men
who moved like a drilled chariot team.
We achieved that wretched pass,
Withstood the deluges of infernal rain.
I'm marking time now, sharing military tales
Of a road that will be crumbling now,
Lost to the clouds, the drizzle and the British.

(The legions involved were from the Dalmatia)

Monday April 7th
Wood around graphite,
A pencil is born,
Write of love with it
          Not fear.

Tuesday April 8th
I look down as I climb
Seeing footfall not hills
Lift my eyes and see.

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