Thursday 17 April 2014

Lent Challenge Week 6

Wednesday April 9th
Colours of Spring are changing
Leaves unfurl, speckles
Vie with the yellow.

Thursday April 10th
Stone, knapped and placed,
Shaping walls of strength
A jigsaw of skill, like friendship.
Friday April 11th
The mine is closed now
The road to it a cart track,
Its traces now grassed.

Saturday April 12th
Bright, hard wastes of rape,
Softened by the green fields of wheat,
Landscape’s chequerboard.

Sunday April 13th Palm Sunday
A single bluebell
Jesus riding to his death,
Above a lark sings.

Monday April 14th
The dark of the night
Breeds black thoughts, old spectres rise
Like a Mary Rose.

Tuesday April 15th

 Four forts of the sea
Stand in stubby majesty
En guard against invasion.
Rusty, in decline
But between towers and spires
on land, masts at sea
they're trusty bulldogs.

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