Wednesday 2 April 2014

Lent Challenge week 4

Wednesday March 26th
 The delight of reading is a right.
The banning of books to prisoners
Brings shivers of past bullies;
Physical escape can be subsumed
Into 'word food' freedom,
Ideas of a differently shaped world
Making another landscape.
Stories dissolve bars....for a time
And finds the imagination.
Hitler burnt books
We should have moved on.

Thursday March 27th
 Shape, line , colour
Trip the brain; the shot taken
A moment is trapped.

I read a chapter,
The day turns monochrome
Storm black
Fiction turns real.


Friday March 28th
Alone with yourself
A sole stone on a beach of sand
Reach out for God.

Saturday March 29th
Find the world beneath -
Where there 's magic in dust
More than the mundane.

Sunday March 30th.  Mothers' Day
Bitter Sweet memories
Flow through the daffodils,
Tying love with loss.

Monday March 31st
Small, sour oranges
Grow towards being marmalade,
Orchids simply are.

Tuesday April 1st
 The designer wind
makes patterns with Sahara sand
through Europe: linked worlds.

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